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Oldcastle Materials


The Shelly Company’s Quality Control Department has many roles, such as designing the asphalt mix for state and local highways; testing aggregate quality before it is used in asphalt or concrete; testing liquid binders used in asphalt; and hosting educational visits for legislatures and college students at our facilities.

The Shelly Company certified lab technicians determine the exact size and aggregate for the project and the correct proportion of liquid asphalt to hold the mixture together and protect it from the elements. They also consider how a layer of asphalt should be applied and compacted. The ultimate goal is to provide a durable and smooth pavement to withstand the forces of traffic and weather.

The Shelly Company prides itself on its quality control and promotes ongoing training for lab employees. In fact, the lab is accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Our quality control technicians spend most of their time testing to ensure quality specifications are met. The Shelly Company’s high-tech labs provide accuracy, efficiency and safety through every step of the process.